> Fav photos

These pictures are a mixed bag. I have chosen them simply because I believe that, for a variety of reasons, they are all of interest.

On duty at the hunt meet
On track of orbs at station
Strange goings on at Rothley
Take a good look at this
Orbs at the old Manor House
Fun in the snow
Slipping and sliding
They're whoppers!
All the fun of the fair
I've won!
Fairies galore
Power of steam
Having the time of their lives
Soaking up museum atmosphere
Calendar girl
Scene from the past
Making music
Beautiful Bradgate
Residents' protest
Up lads and at 'em!
Fun in the floods
Hats off to the England team
Smile time for royal visitor
Gordon makes apoint
Gordon in his (relatively) carefree days
Market Place on a summer's day
Will you all stand still for the photo, please
Glorious day for canal festival
St George's Day parade
Hitting the high notes
Put your best foot forward
These pigeons take a lot of feeding
What a lot of birds!
Remembering Fisons
Campaign to save grass verges
Celebrating Indian Independence Day
And another
Coronation photo unearthed