> Old family photos

This album is likely to continue to be expanded for some time yet, as more and more pictures from the past come into my possession. Some of the photos are very old - others fairly recent.

Anyone for tennis?
Outside the boarding house
Stepping out
We do love to be beside the seaside
Out for a stroll at Skeggy
Afternoon in the countryside
Note the stylish shoes
What a cute little canine
A portrait of the artist as a baby
Debate in Wales
Battling through the jungle
On the ball in the back garden
On holiday at dear old Skeggy
Striding out at Skegness
Where was the sunshine?
Happy family
Four generations
Afternoon tea on the lawn
Four generations
Relative from the distant past
Bonny little Richard
Fun in the countryside
Three fine-looking lads
Reaching for the sky
Raise your hats to Wales, folks
Richard at the helm
Party time at 101 Toothill Road
On the ball at the age of 15
There's a nice doggy
Having a cracking time with party hats