> Joys of journalism

Just a few snapshots from the 50-plus years that I have spent as a journalist. These pictures will bring back memories for past and presenty members of the Echo editorial staff.

Going up in the world
Here's to public speaking
Farewell to Robert
Red hot news
Meet the editorial team
Handing over the torch
Support from the wife
The old days at the Echo
Pedal power
Contest winner crowned
Christmas visit a cracker
On track for a thrill or two
Another fun day for editors
Oh, baby - it's presentation time
Going underground
Running the rule over a sports car
Checking out contestants
In the hot seat
Presentation time again
Saying goodbye to Sue
 A good time was held by all
Dancing the night away
Walking on water - well, nearly
Smile please
Farewell to snapper Rupert
Rupert and John
Stan hard at work
Another cracking Echo hot off the press
Getting together over a drink
Here's to a merry Christmas
Season's greetings everyone
It's a great party
Raise your glasses, please
Drinks galore in the works
Getting all steamed up
Let us get at it
Luncheon will be served shortly
Relaxing with a fag
Portrait of the journo as a young man
Bowling 'em over on a festive fun day
Retirement time for Stan
Another retirement presentation
Testing time for the judges
Community awards
Mayoral year recalled
In the editor's office
Young man on his way up